Training Workshops


The Push offers a range of contemporary music industry training workshops. Our workshops support the needs of young people at every stage of their music industry journey. 

Our workshops have been designed to be interactive and engaging for people of all-ages, backgrounds and career levels. 

These workshops will help you — a community organisation, school, workplace or government agency — support the young people you work with.

Our experienced music industry Workshop Facilitators are available throughout the year and provide training across a range of subjects and themes.

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Training Categories

+ Advocacy

Supporting Young People in the Music Industry

Learn how to support the future artists, workers and leaders of our industry. This keynote presentation explores the principles and practices which help young people thrive.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of:

• How young people pathway into the contemporary music industry

• Practical ways you can support and create pathways for young people entering the music industry

Creating a Representative Music Industry

Change your perspective on what it means to create and work in a representative music industry. Hear directly from artists and industry practitioners who represent our broader community.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of:

• The unique experiences of communities under-represented in the music industry

• Barriers to accessing pathways into the music industry

• Practical ways you can support and create pathways for under-represented communities entering the music industry

+ Music Business and Careers

Music Industry Careers

Gain a deeper understanding of the breadth and depth of career paths in the music industry with a keynote presentation by one of our industry leaders.

You'll develop an improved understanding of:

• The ecosystem of the contemporary music industry and the range of career roles and job opportunities

• The different ways to enter and maintain a career in the music industry

Making it in the Music Industry

Get some tips on how to make it in the music industry – from writing your first email, pitching yourself or your project, or learning how to maintain positive relationships.

You'll develop an improved understanding of:

• How to network within the music industry

• How to pitch yourself or your project to different stakeholders

• The importance of resilience and how to cultivate it

• The importance of maintaining good relationships

How to Set Up Your Music Business

Learn how to set up your music business, manage your finances and plan for its future in this practical workshop.

You'll develop an improved understanding of:

• Business structures

• Developing a business plan

• Setting up a budget

• Bookkeeping

• How to invoice

• How to seek other financial support

+ Event Management

An Introduction to Event Management

Get stuck into the basics of event management with an introductory look at the different kinds of events, phases of event management and how an event team works together.

You'll develop an improved understanding of:

• The different kinds of events

• The key principles of event management

• The phases of events management

• The various roles and how they come together in creating and delivering an event

The Practical Tools of Event Management

Deep dive into the practical details of running an event – what to look for in agreements, how to build a budget, develop a risk management plan, and create accessible spaces.

You'll develop an improved understanding of:

• Practical skills and knowledge required to run a successful event

• Building an event budget

• Risk assessment and management

• Permits and approvals

• Artist agreements

• Accessibility

Delivering a COVID Safe Event

Explore the latest recommendations of how to deliver a COVID Safe event and learn how to embed these into your event plan.

You'll walk away with an improved understanding of:

• Current recommendations on physical distancing and cleaning

• Best practice for how to manage COVID-19 related risks

• How to build these practices into your event plan

How to Stage All-Ages Events

Learn how to deliver a safe and engaging all-ages event. In this practical workshop we explore how to program for and build all-ages audiences and how to work with venues to create a welcoming environment.

You'll develop an improved understanding of:

• The specific considerations when working with underage artists and audiences

• Audience development and programming for all-ages audiences

• De-licensing and staging all-ages events in live music venues

Taking Events Online

In this workshop you’ll learn how to take your in-person events online. Explore the options of how you can deliver elements of your event online and use digital platforms to create a seamless experience.

You'll develop an improved understanding of:

• How to create a seamless online or mixed in-person and online experience

• The different online platforms available to you

• How to create and expand your community through online events

+ Music Making

Song Writing, Performing & Recording

Be guided through the basics of being an artist with this workshop on song writing, collaboration, performance and things to know before heading into a studio.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of:

• Song structures

• Key elements of song writing

• How to overcome writing blocks

• How to collaborate

• Performance techniques

• What to expect and how to prepare when going into a recording studio

Electronic Music Production

Take your first steps into electronic music production in this workshop which explores the Ableton interface, the key elements of building a beat and how to get the most out of your track.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of:

• Ableton

• How to build a beat

• How to get the most out of your track

Releasing Music

Get your head around release plans, press kits, and music distribution in this workshop on how to release your music.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of:

• How to build your audience and team

• Building a release plan

• Creating a press kit

• Distributing your music

• Coordinating a series of live shows

+ Promote Your Project

Creating Promotional Content

In this workshop you’ll learn how to create a brand that sticks. Explore how to define the identity of your project and how to create strong visual and written content to match.

You'll walk away with a better understanding of:

• How to define the identity of your project

• Creating a strong visual brand and design

• Developing written content with a strong voice

Promoting a Project

Learn how to strategically promote your project by defining your product, audience and creating an engaging campaign.

You'll gain an improved understanding of:

• How to define and understand your product and audience

• Building an appropriate marketing and publicity strategy

• Creating an engaging social media presence


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